Day 2 Juicing Diet

Here’s how day 2 went.

5:30 – wake up and get ready for FlyBarre class

6am – Start Flybarre class half asleep, but wide awake 2 minutes into class.  Drink about 20 oz of water during class.  I didn’t feel any different doing the class than normal so that’s a good start.

7am – prepare smoothies for the day:



Ginger, Apple and Carrot (let’s call it GAC for short)  – I don’t think I made it clear about what exactly I did and didn’t eat yesterday.  I made the GAC yesterday and could only drink about half of it,  I saved the extra 1.5 servings for later, but never got around to drinking anymore.  Therefore I still had them leftover today.  I put the concoction into the Vitamix and added 2 more apples.  This definitely helped, but the ginger and carrots are still really strong and it’s still a little thick for my liking.  I can’t say that I want to gag when I drink it, but I also can’t say that I actually enjoy it.  I’ll have to research some different smoothies that still get me carrots and apples.

Vitamix smoothie Green Pick Me Up: I used ½ orange, ½ green apple, 30 grapes (I had red on hand and used those even though it calls for green grapes), and 3 red chard leaves as well as a lot of ice.  It actually took me multiple tries to get the consistency right, but the taste was really good.  I ended up using smoothie setting a few times and then finally the puree setting to get my desired consistency.  I had prepared all the ingredients last night (washed, cut up, etc.) and then place it in a ziplock in the fridge so all I had to do was dump it all into the blender.  This definitely helped cut down on time.  I may end up blending everything at night so I’m not rushing around in the morning.  I’ll let you know if that’s what I decide to do.

7:20 – in the shower (later than I hoped)

10am – Feeling really tired so I decide to get some tea, then think, no, let’s try the coconut water.  Turns out I bought a carbonated version so I decide not to indulge and instead go for warm herbal tea with no sweeteners.  Luckily I only bought 2 of this kind and not 10, so I’ll make sure to grab one of the non-carbonated versions for tomorrow.

I’ve only consume about 10 oz of water since being at work, not including the 6 oz of tea or the 20oz I drank during my workout.  I’m not that thirsty, but they recommend drinking a lot of water.  The dilemma is that with drinking all these smoothies, you’re putting a lot of liquid into your system already so by adding water, I feel like I’ll have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes.  However, I’ll try to drink more water.

12:15 – Drank the Vitamix recipe which turns out really good.

3:30 – Okay, I’ve now consumed about 16oz of just water since being at work – not much, I know, but I’m trying.  I’m starting to drink my Ginger, Apple and Carrot smoothie – man I am still feeling the pain of too much ginger in the mix from yesterday.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you about last night’s smoothie!  I wasn’t surprised that it was so good considering the ingredients: pint of blueberries, 45 grapes, and some mint which made 2 full glasses (I think the glasses are probably 10-12 oz).  The recipe only calls for 30 grapes and it says a handful of mint.  However, my husband, Matt, wanted some as well so I added the extra grapes and cut back on the mint, afraid that it could very quickly overpower the mix.  I was right to cut back on the mint as the amount I put in seemed to be a perfect touch to give it just that little extra punch without overpowering.  I think Matt would have preferred even less mint, but he thought it was a great drink.  Maybe I’ll see if there’s a way to add some greens to a similar mixture of grapes and blueberries.

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

4:15pm  – Still have about half of my GAC left to consume.  I think I’m realizing a benefit of juicing over blending.  Once you’ve blended everything the fiber wants to separate out from the juice and the juice settles on the bottom.  Therefore, I’m constantly having to shake up the drink in order to get it out.  Plus there’s a not so appetizing amount of fibrous leftovers all over the sides of the glass.  Oh, and it’s also time for another trip to the bathroom. At least it was 2 hours in between this time.

7:45pm – I got home from work and made the same smoothie from last night, but cut the mint down just a little for Matt.  Still love it!

9pm – prep the food for tomorrow.

I’m surprised I’m not hungry.  Matt made an omelet and chicken sausage for dinner tonight which smelled so good, but since I wasn’t hungry it wasn’t too bad to watch him eat it.  Day 2 down, 20% of the way there!

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